Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) continually looks for ways to help our neighbors remain living independently in their own home. Do you live alone? Do you ever worry about something happening to you and you are not able to get to the phone? What if it is days before someone comes to check on you? Will your beloved cat or dog starve before then? ……Or…. Are you the primary caregiver of a loved one? Do you ever worry about something happening to you and you can’t get to the phone? What if it is days before someone comes to check on you? Will your loved one miss their medications or go without food and water all that time?
One dependable, cost effective solution to help eliminate these worries is an automated daily call service from Iamfine. Check them out at www.iamfine.com.
Here’s how it works: You subscribe to the service on a monthly basis ($14.99/month) or you can save money by subscribing for a year at a time ($9.99/month). Residents of Cumberland County can input “cumberland10” in the promo code to receive a 10% discount. You specify what time of the day you want to receive your check-in call. When the call is received, you just press “1” on your phone to check in. When signing up for the service you can provide the service with up to 7 friends, neighbors, or family members to be in your care circle. These are the people the service will call, email, or even text if you should not answer your phone. The service will call a total of 5 times in 15-minute intervals trying to reach you. Your care circle will be alerted simultaneously within five minutes of the final missed call to check on you.
This service is not meant to replace human interaction but to augment that contact. The service is also not an emergency medical support system such as the medical alert necklaces worn by many people. The telephone response system provided is a welfare reassurance system.
You can be reassured that your spouse or pets won’t be neglected if something happens to you as the caregiver during the night. And your friends and family can be reassured that they will be promptly notified if you miss a wellness check-in call.
We are so blessed to live in such a caring community where friends and neighbors really care about each other. Our law enforcement agencies are an integral part of our community and Chief Williams of Fairfield Glade Police Department said the following about having a telephone response system. “You never know when something will happen to you and your friend or neighbor who normally checks on you every day is out of town or unavailable. An automated response system is a good way to maintain that daily wellness check-in.” Chief Williams of the Fairfield Glade Police Department, worked with the Cumberland County 911 Operations center to test and implement the Iamfine automated wellness checks.
When subscribing to the system, you can establish the Cumberland County 911 Operations Center as one of your care ring partners and they will dispatch the appropriate law enforcement agency when you miss a check-in call.

Enter the following as one of your care circle members:
First Name: cumberland
Last Name: sheriff
email: cumberland.sheriff@iamfinemail.org
phone: (not required)

If you would like to try the system before subscribing, you can go to www.iamfine.com website and sign up for a free 14-day trial. No credit card or payment information is required for the free trial.
If you are not comfortable using a computer or don’t have a computer available to you, you can also call 1-855-410-1010 and an Iamfine support person will sign you up over the phone.
Residents of Fairfield Glade can call the Fairfield Glade Resident Services office at 931-456-7272 with questions about this program or to gain assistance with subscribing to the service.
“Neighbors Helping Neighbors” is what FGRS is all about.

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