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Mike Williams, Program Manager
(931) 484-3900

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Bev Witherington, Program Manager

(804) 832-5348

In 2012 Home Delivered Meals was launched to provide nutritious meals to those in our community who are homebound, unable to prepare adequate meals for themselves or their spouse, or those returning home after a stay in the hospital or rehabilitation unit and are now in need of assistance in maintaining adequate nutrition.

The goal of this program is to allow residents to remain in their homes as long as possible, not needing to move back with their children or into a care facility. To date over 20,000 meals have been delivered by FGRS to residents in the Glade.

Meals consist of a soup, an entree, a dessert, and a beverage prepared in the kitchens of the Good Samaritan Society – FG. The food prepared for these meals is the same food that is served to the residents at the Good Samaritan Campus. These meals are then delivered by FGRS volunteer drivers who live in our community.

Residents can sign up for 3 or 6 meals per week. Deliveries are made at lunchtime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Residents chosing 3 meals per week receive meals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Residents selecting 6 meals per week will receive 2 meals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with one meal to be kept in the refrigerator for the following day.

The cost of each meal is $5.00. This sum is lower than the actual cost as FGRS subsidizes a portion of the cost for each meal.

Please call the FGRS Center during office hours at (931) 456-7272 and a representative will make an appointment for someone to come to your home and discuss this program with you.

If you know of anyone who you feel could benefit from Home Delivered Meals please call the number above and FGRS will make contact with them and see if FGRS can be of service.

Sending you a warm smile”, “Thinking of you”, “Hope the sun shines on you today”. These are just a few of the messages of kindness, love, and joy that are contained in the handmade cards that are delivered to the FGRS Home Delivered Meals clients each month. Many of these clients are home bound with limited social contact. Our HDM drivers may be the only people that our clients see face to face each day. One day each month they bring each HDM client a special message of love. That is the one day each month that one of Mary Lou Janosko’s hand-made cards is delivered to each client along with their meal. When asked why she spends hours every month crafting these special cards for our HDM clients, Mary Lou responds, “For me, this is a very calming, creative outlet that brings me great satisfaction. You never know whose lonely day you might brighten with a few kind words.”

When Mary Lou moved to Fairfield Glade, she began volunteering at FGRS as an Office Coordinator. She learned about the Home Delivered Meals program and thought the homebound clients might benefit from a card letting them know someone was thinking of them and that they were valued members of our community.

In addition to the 20 cards for our HDM
clients, Mary Lou also delivers 14 cards each month to the residents of Fairfield Glade Assisted Living. The cards are a tangible expression of love and cheer that they can place on their bedside table or their mantle. She has also sold her cards at the FGRS Bake Sales and donated all proceeds to FGRS.

Volunteers Are the Heart of FGRS and the world IS a better place because of people like you AND Mary Lou Janosko.

  • HDM began in 2011 and in 2018 completed its 7th full year
  • Over 200 different FG residents have been served over 2000 meals
  • Meals are delivered to a maximum of 20 homes every M, W, F
  • FGRS subsidizes a portion of the cost of each meal.  Clients only pay $5/meal
  • 16 dispatches and 38 drivers partner with the kitchen staff of Good Samaritans – FG to deliver healthy, nutritious meals.


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