Quentin Erdahl is the Program Manager for Vial of Life and the “work-horse” of the program; procuring vials, labels, bags, stickers and info sheets; preparing the vials; and preparing kits.

Vial of Life is designed for recording pertinent medical information and essential details that will aid caregivers, emergency response teams, and hospital personnel in providing appropriate medical treatment during unexpected health-related events. If a person suffers a medical emergency that requires an ambulance, the responding medical team will have immediate access to important medical information when it is needed most – during the first few minutes of critical illness or accident. This free-of-charge program provides a Vial for your home and one for your automobile.

In 2014 FGRS, in consultation with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and the EMS of Cumberland County, began distribution of the Vial of Life to all Cumberland County residents. FGRS has received partial funding for this from Dave Kirk Automotive and Volunteer Electric Customer Share Program.

At A Glance

  • Vial of L.I.F.E (Lifesaving Information For Emergencies)
  • Began in the 1970’s in California
  • Became a Red Cross project in 1981 
  • Recognized in nearly every state
  • First Responders will find and access the information in the kits anywhere in the U.S.
  • Since inception, over 3 million VoL kits have been distributed in the U.S.
  • Initiated locally in the 1990’s, and the program is applicable to all of Cumberland County.
  • FGRS has distributed over 11,000 kits to Cumberland County residents since 2008.
  • In addition to the FGRS Office and the FG Police Department, there are 5 other sites in Cumberland County where VoL kits may be obtained free of charge.

Following are the primary information forms for the Vial of Life vials. These forms will allow you to enter data directly via your home computer. You may SAVE, PRINT, and/or modify these forms; this will allow you to easily update the forms with any changes to your health or change in medication. You may select them for downloading to your home computer/tablet/smart-phone while using your internet browser. Please download them to an appropriate sub-directory so that you may access them later.

Vial of Life Information and Forms
(click on form to read and/or download to your computer)

Vial of life program overview

Vial of life medical overview form

Vial of life user guide

Medication list

ICE contact form


Note: It is best that you DO NOT use your internet browser for entering data into these forms, as some browsers will not execute .PDF files properly. When you are ready to complete these Vial of Life forms, open them with Adobe Reader software, which is readily available and FREE to download. If you do not have Adobe Reader DC software on your computer, click here to download it now.

The Vial of Life program is looking for one or two volunteers who will prepare kit materials and/or assemble kits. This work can be done at the volunteer’s home and on their time schedule. All materials will be supplied to each volunteer and estimated time spent would be about 4-6 hours per month.  If you think you might like to volunteer for the Vial of Life program, contact Connie Sopha, FGRS H.R. Manager by phone:  931-202-2175 or via email: fgrshrconnie@yahoo.com.