Photo of Linda
Linda Chiaramonte, Program Manager
(931) 484-4046

Welcome Home was conceived in 2011 and initiated in 2012.  It’s purpose is to help newcomers feel welcomed and to adjust to their new home.  Over 550 welcoming calls were made on new residents through 2015.

Volunteers visit the homes of newcomers offering a variety of information including local businesses, area agencies,and entertainment opportunities.  The colorful gift bag includes gift cards and maps.
Also, a folder has emergency numbers, community resources, important phone numbers, places of worship, a club list, volunteer ideas and a restaurant section.

FGRS volunters knocking on a new neighbor's door
Joy and Richard Albins knock on the door of a newcomer to welcome them into the community with our Welcome Home program

Contact information is received from a variety of sources.  We encourage anyone who has lived here less than six months and not yet been visited to let us know.  Please call the FG Resident Services Center at 456-7272 if you wish us to pay a welcoming visit.