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Caring Connections

Caring Connections

Caring Connections is the service philosophy of Fairfield Glade Resident Services. Our Care Consultants are trained, knowledgeable volunteers who can work with residents or anyone concerned for residents who have independent living challenges.


Our Care Consultants will:

  • Meet with residents who have health or independent living challenges.

  • Assess resident needs and refer to appropriate service providers.

  • Identify and assist in creating a support network to meet current and future needs.

  • Listen attentively and creatively design or recommend possible solutions.

  • Facilitate referrals to our own internal services or selected outside community help.

  • Follow up regularly to ensure satisfactory outcomes.

Services available:

  • Recommend food services, suppliers, and delivery programs

  • Arrange transportation services within 50 miles of home

  • Provide FG Police Department Emergency Contact Forms

  • Provide Vial of Life kits and help implement them

  • Arrange in-home safety equipment installations

  • Assist with Silver Alert Program information

  • Help with Advance Care Plan or Health Care Agent Forms

  • Connect with area caregiver assistance

  • Provide area support group information

  • Assist with implementation of personal emergency technology systems

Who Can Benefit:

  • Fairfield Glade residents who are experiencing challenges maintaining their quality of life or independent lifestyle

  • Adult children or loved ones of Fairfield Glade residents who need assistance in understanding resources available in the community

  • Neighbors who are concerned about a neighbor’s well-being or safety

  • Agencies and/or churches that serve the Fairfield Glade area that offer similar services or need “outside” advisory support

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