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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) offers Welcome Home service that is designed to welcome newcomers and assist them as they integrate into Fairfield Glade’s lifestyle. Our Goal: Our goal is to familiarize residents with FGRS, Fairfield Glade Community Club amenities, clubs, businesses, activities, and opportunities in the area. This is accomplished by volunteers who contact and call on new “moveins”, bringing information, maps, and gifts.
What we do:
  • Trained Welcome Home Volunteers contact our new residents and schedule a convenient time for a visit
  • Community information is shared and questions are answered.
  • A gift bag is presented which contains a folder highlighting important phone numbers, Community Club information, places of worship and area restaurants. In addition, there are brochures & coupons, plus gifts from local businesses and community groups.
  • The Vial of Life is presented and explained along with recommended safety and security procedures and related phone numbers for Fairfield Glade.
  • Welcome Home Volunteers share their spirit of friendliness and community pride.
You can help Welcome Home
  • Provide the names and contact information of new residents who would like us to visit.
  • Continue to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in Fairfield Glade.
FGRS appreciates the many businesses, both large and small, that provide items to help fill our gift bags and welcome our new neighbors.
Thanks... to the Fairfield Glade residents who are willing to be Volunteers and our generous community whose time and donations help to make the service possible
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