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Way to Go

Way to Go

The Way to Go! (WTG!) Transportation Services program is designed to address the need within our community for residents to be transported to various appointments.

Our Mission: Provide affordable, dependable volunteer transportation to residents who cannot or do not drive and who meet the program guidelines and requirements established by FGRS.

Program Overview:
The WTG! Program connects "Riders" with "Volunteer Drivers" to provide rider-requested trips to destinations in Fairfield Glade, Crossville, and Cookeville. The "Rider/Driver" connection is coordinated and supervised by an On-Duty Dispatcher using state-of-the-art transportation software. Round-trip rides are provided five (5) days a week (M-F), excluding holidays. Rides are offered between 7 AM and 5 PM and must be scheduled
 at least three (3) business days in advance. Trips feature door-to- door service and Driver escort care during the scheduled ride.

The Drivers are FG residents who drive their own cars and have been vetted, pass a background check, and trained to safely transport senior r
esidents. WTG! is a Rider Membership Program that requires pre-payment for all requested/scheduled rides.

Want To Be a WTG! Rider? You Need to:

  • Be a resident of Fairfield.

  • Be a person who is unable to drive or does not drive. 

  • Be 60+ years old (or younger if faced with vision or other medical issues, which prevent driving). 

  • Be ambulatory (without needing a wheelchair) requiring only minimal assistance for entering/exiting a car. 

  • Submit a formal application and agree to a pre-membership interview. 

  • Pay a one-time membership fee ($30). 

  • Pay FGRS in advance for all rides (in $30 to $50 advance payment packages). The cost of a ride is based on the distance and a prescribed rate per mile.

  • Abide by the WTG! Rider Code of Conduct.​

Want to Be a WTG! Driver? You Need To:

  • Be a Fairfield Glade resident and at least 21 years old.

  • Be interested in helping residents who need transportation.

  • Submit a formal application.

  • Provide your own car, which must be in safe operating condition. Have a valid TN driver's license and have proof of auto insurance (FGRS will supply necessary excess liability insurance). • Participate in an FGRS-required evaluation interview and "vetting" process.

  • Complete a series of training courses (prescribed paid for by FGRS) to prepare for safe & caring transportation of Riders.

  • Have a cell phone and internet access.

  • Not accept tips, gratuities or gifts of any kind from the Riders.

*Insurance and liability issues are a common concern. Insurance rates are based on miles driven, not who rides in the vehicle, so there is no impact on a driver's insurance rates. The volunteer's auto insurance is always primary. FGRS will provide excess auto, medical, and liability insurance for all volunteers. Finally, the Federal Volunteer Act of 1997 offers another layer of safety for volunteers.

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