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Newcomers to Fairfield Glade may have heard of the local organization, “Fairfield Glade Resident Services” (FGRS). FGRS was created in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity—an entity created to address predominantly age-related needs of Fairfield Glade Community residents.


In its early years of existence, FGRS focused on two programs:  “Caring Connections” and “Home Delivered Meals”. The “Caring Connections” Program—a currently active program—addresses resident issues which require a lending hand. The “Home Delivered Meals” Program (now discontinued) addressed food delivery for homebound and/or unwell residents.


Over the past fifteen years, FGRS programs have evolved to address the changing needs of Fairfield Glade Community residents. The following programs were created:


  • “Welcome Home”:  This Program greets new residents to the Community, providing information about Fairfield Glade and the surrounding Crossville, TN, area.


  • “Vial of Life”:  This Program addresses the need for residents to have their personal medical information placed in specific identified areas of their homes and vehicles, to ensure quick access by First Responders in a medical emergency situation.


  • “Home Safety”:  This Program provides various safety-related services for residents such as inspections for “trip and fall” issues and installation of grab bars inside the home, and the construction of ramps and/or handrails outside the home.


FGRS Programs are accomplished by VOLUNTEERS—fellow neighbors who give their time and talents to help other neighbors in the Fairfield Glade Community. FGRS, as a nonprofit entity, derives its operating income 100% from donations made by individuals, other social organizations, and local businesses. FGRS has a Strategic Plan; it is a Plan which guides ongoing review of existing programs and also plans for future programs which may better meet the evolving needs of the Community.


FGRS is always seeking volunteers!  Volunteers are the lifeblood, the life-giving force, which ensures the existence of all the FGRS Programs benefiting Fairfield Glade Community residents. We welcome any and all volunteers to become part of the FGRS Team!


  • Volunteers for providing services within FGRS Programs

  • Office volunteers

  • Fundraising volunteers

  • Donate to FGRS Programs

  • ANYTHING you would like to do to help FGRS!

Please contact the FGRS Office, if you would like to help in any capacity, or become a volunteer in any of the FGRS Programs. We look forward to hearing from you!


Telephone:       (931) 456-7272

Mon.-Fri.:        9:00am to 12:00 noon

Location:         4929 Peavine Road, Suite 102, Crossville, TN 38571



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