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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Fairfield Glade residents by providing comprehensive support and care that promotes independence, well-being, and dignity. Through our compassionate and personalized services, we intend to address the unique needs of our community, fostering social connection, physical and mental well-being, and access to vital resources. We are committed to empowering residents to live fulfilling and meaningful lives, while promoting a community that values and cherishes their wisdom, experiences, and contributions.
We are dedicated... to the principle that “together we can enhance our quality of life”.
We were established... in October of 2008 by a group of concerned residents to address the human and social needs of our community, especially those of our more senior residents.
FGRS is... a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity chartered in Tennessee as a non-profit corporation. We depend on individual donations, fundraising, and grants to support our goals and activities.

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FGRS Services
FGRS Services


FGRS Caring Connections

Caring Connections is the service philosophy of Fairfield Glade Resident Services. Our Care Consultants are trained, knowledgeable volunteers who can work with residents or anyone concerned for residents who have independent living challenges.

FGRS Welcome Home

Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) offers Welcome Home service that is designed to welcome newcomers and assist them as they integrate into Fairfield Glade’s lifestyle.

FGRS Way to Go

Way to Go! Transportation service is designed to address a need within our community of volunteers providing needed rides to Fairfield Glade residents.

FGRS Music for Life

Music for Life can help people with dementia and other chronic cognitive and physical impairment to reconnect with family and friends through personalized digital music.

FGRS Vial of Life

The Vial of Life service is provided by Fairfield Glade Resident Services. It gives first responders and hospital ER personnel your critical medical and contact information, which could help save your life in the event of a home or automobile emergency.

FGRS Home Safe Assistance

The Home Safety Assistance Service (HSA) is designed to assist Fairfield Glade Residents with planning and resources for home safety. It is offered to those who are unable to complete safety measures to their homes because of abilities or circumstances beyond their control

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