FGRS Begins COVID Relief Program to Fairfield Glade Residents

Starting immediately, Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) is providing delivery services to help those who are quarantined in their homes. FGRS is able to deliver prescriptions, fresh meals and groceries to help residents through their difficult times. We feel that it is important to people’s health that they stay comfortable in their own home until the need to remain quarantined has expired.

FGRS is offering free delivery of prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines from the Kroger Pharmacy here in Fairfield Glade. All you need to do is call the pharmacy (931-484-0333) to say you would like a delivery and to pay for the prescriptions and other items over the phone, and a volunteer will deliver to your home. This service is available to anyone in Fairfield Glade.

For those residents who are in quarantine, FGRS can provide delivery of fresh meals prepared by certain local restaurants. We can also help people have groceries delivered straight to their homes. Volunteers can deliver groceries from Walmart using their curbside service and FGRS can teach residents how to use Instacart to receive groceries from Kroger, Food City or Publix. FGRS volunteers will do a daily phone check to those residents on the program. We would like to assure that each resident is getting the support they need while they are quarantined. Residents can call the FGRS Delivery Hotline at 931-335-9945 to receive further information and to
register for the program. The Hotline will be monitored 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. We also encourage neighbors who know of someone who is quarantined to let their neighbors know about the
Hotline, or to call the Hotline themselves.

Cumberland County is currently experiencing a spike in active COVID-19 cases, and Fairfield Glade is affected with more cases as well. The volunteers of FGRS are concerned about our residents, and we
would like to help people through these difficult times.

FGRS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Fairfield Glade, was created to promote, develop and support human and social services that enhance the quality of life of our community’s residents – our neighbors.

Covid 19 Update – June 25, 2020

Things at FGRS are finally starting to reopen. We hope you all have been safe and remain following the guidelines as given by our officials.

The FGRS Office is once again open Monday – Friday from 9:00AM till noon. However, entrance to the office is by appointment only. If you need services, please call the office at 931.456.7272 and set up a time to meet with any of our program managers. The front door will be locked so be make your presence known and someone will meet you at the door. Masks are mandatory within the office. Please observe social distancing and the rules as posted.

Home Delivered Meals has seen the largest change since we last updated you. We have room for some more clients, so if you are in the need for Home Delivered Meals because of inability to cook, lack of being able to get groceries, or home from a recent medical event, FGRS would like to help. Just call the office and give your information. Someone will contact you and visit with you to see if Home Delivered Meals is for you. We are still working with Silver Angels as Good Sam’s of FG has not reopened yet. WE hope to be back with them soon.

Way to Go Transportation has seen an increase in rides this last month and is waiting for our clients to call.

Other programs are opening slowly to be sure we follow all guidelines and our volunteers are protected.

FGRS takes the Covid 19 Virus very seriously. Our community is at a high-risk level, and we all should do all we can to protect ourselves. Please remain safe.

FGRS Update – Covid 19 – 4-8-20

FGRS hopes all of you are remaining safe and healthy at home. Remember – DO YOUR PART AND STAY APART
As we progress through this pandemic, things are always in a state of flux. FGRS is no exception. As stated in earlier updates, the only 3 programs that are still open are, Home Delivered Meals, Way to Go transportation, and Caring Connections. Because of the need for these in our community, FGRS is regarded as an “Essential” business or organization. Therefore, some of our Volunteers will still be out helping our Neighbors. Let me explain.
Home Delivered Meals is our most active program at the present times. However, many changes have occurred. Less than a week ago, GSS – FG informed us that as of 4/6 they would, regretfully, must stop producing the meals for our clients. This was no easy decision for them, but they must feed their Campus Residents, and protect them from potential contamination. FGRS understands this, though it set up an emergency for us. FGRS delivers over 30 meals three times a week to clients who can’t get out, can’t cook, or have returned from a medical event.
Chief Mike Williams had previously opened discussions with Silver Angels in Harriman, about their ability to supply us with frozen meals. Bev Witherington contacted them and was happy to find out that they could help. This was great news but created another problem. Since they would deliver only once a week, FGRS needed some place to store them in a freezer. Having worked with Peavine Care Center in the past, Bob Diller was contacted to see if they had any room in their freezers. Bob informed us that they did not have enough storage at present but were going out to buy 2 more freezers that day. Only one was obtainable, and Peavine Care Center dedicated it to FGRS for the duration of our needs. WOW, thank you Bob Diller and PCC. The first delivery of frozen meals occurred on Monday. All went smoothly. Our clients are still being provided with needed nutrition thanks to many people. Our drivers are doing a remarkable job keeping themselves and our clients protected.
Way to Go Transportation is operating at a minimum. With folks being told to stay at home, other than urgent and emergent destinations, there will be only a few that will meet these qualifications. If you are ill, call your doctor and they will decide your next step. Our drivers must also be protected.
Caring Connections is working by phone only. No home visits can be made, but our Caring Consultants are willing to help you anyway they can via telephone.
For more information, please call 931-337-4094

FGRS Update – Covid 19 – on March 22, 2020

Dear neighbors,

Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) hopes that you are well and staying safely at home. With the second case of Covid 19 showing up in Cumberland County we must be even more vigilant.

FGRS has some Programs still running which are felt to be essential to our clients:

  • Prescription Delivery from Kroger Pharmacy in the Glade and CVS in Crossville is working well. Please call your pharmacist and tell them you would like FGRS to deliver your prescriptions.
  • Home Delivered Meals is at its maximum as far as clients that have signed up. We apologize but our supplier can only handle so many meals per day. There are Grocers who are delivering groceries. (Krogers for instance)
  • Caring Connections is working via telephone. If you are in need please call.
  • Way to Go Transportation is still operating but due to many cancellations, by clients, the number of rides given have diminished greatly. If you have a Doctor’s appointment, please talk to you physician and make sure it is a mandatory appointment and not routine. Check to make sure their office is still open and what security and/or safe procedures they have instituted to minimize the possible exposure of you and your driver to Covid 19.

Important Telephone numbers:

  • Prescription Delivery – call your pharmacist
  • Home Delivered Meals – (931) 335-9945
  • Way To Go – (931) 200-4580
  • Caring Connections – (616) 481-8454
  • FGRS Office – (931) 456-7272

The office remains closed and Telephone Book distribution is on hold.

Thank you and stay safe

Fairfield Glade Resident Services Response to COVID 19

In these difficult times FGRS must respond to the potential health issues which faces our Community, County, State, and Country.

Fairfield Glade with its senior population will be vulnerable if this virus appears here. It will be almost impossible to prevent that, so we must take steps to limit its presence and effects. It is an accepted fact that many of us will never even know if we contracted it, but many of our population are at high risk with advanced age, heart problems, respiratory problems, or diabetes. Therefore, it is the opinion of FGRS that we must help by following the recommended guidelines established by our governmental agencies.

FGRS understands that some of our Programs are vital to our residents. These Programs, Home Delivered Meals, Way to Go Transportation, and Caring Connections will remain operating but perhaps on a somewhat restricted basis or changes in protocol. All other Programs will be put on temporary hold for the near future and be re-instituted when felt safe to do so.

Please be advised that during this time, FGRS has instituted a new program called Prescription Delivery. This program is for those under mandatory or self-imposed quarantine. Talk to your Pharmacist. If you qualify and payment is made via phone, FGRS will deliver your Rx to your home free of charge. Not all Pharmacies have agreed to this, but the list is growing. Check with your Pharmacist and see if FGRS can help.

The FGRS Office will be closed to public traffic. The doors will be locked. You may see essential volunteers inside, but they will be instructed to not answer the door. If you need FGRS assistance, please call (931)456-7272 and leave a message. If you are calling about Home Delivered Meals, Way to Go, or Caring Connections, please call the appropriate number listed below.

  • Home Delivered Meals: (931)335-9945
  • Way to Go (931)200-4580
  • Caring Connections (616)481-8454

PHONE BOOK distribution will be put on hold till the all clear has been given and the Office opens once again.
By visiting this website, you will be kept up to date on a regular basis as to the status of FGRS and its Programs. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and remember FGRS is here for you.

Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) is a non-profit organization chartered by the state of Tennessee and certified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization to provide human and social service programs to all residents of our community, especially those who want to stay in their homes as they age.

FGRS was formed by a group of resident volunteers who accepted the challenge and are dedicated to the principle that “Together, we can enhance our quality of life.” We promote, develop and support human and social services that enhance the quality of life for our community’s residents.

Please visit our Programs page to learn about special programs we have created to help residents of Fairfield Glade. Also visit our Community page for information from in and around our community.

FGRS welcomes your donations and appreciates everyone who supports our mission to improve the quality of life for Fairfield Glade residents. To make a donation, please use the PayPal link at the end of this page or visit our Donation page for more details.